A group of experienced, out of the box thinkers faced trouble in hiring people and had to spend days mired in resumes with no end-solution in sight. They realized that the recruitment industry is fragmented. Recruiters wanted to find the best candidates that match their job criteria and candidates wanted to find the jobs that fit their profile to create value for their career goals.

Even though the problem was simple, there was no one-stop solution to it. This insight into the mismatch of the recruitment industry got us simplifying the entire process for employers and candidates, and Jobd was created!

On an average, it takes twenty-three days to fill in a single position. Jobd aims to reduce that to less than two weeks, thus enabling to save time and filling up the missing gaps in the recruitment industry.


The recruitment industry has been divided into several different segments over the years.

Database companies that focus on collection and sales of resumes.
Consultants that manually coordinate profiles for job requirements.
Application tracking system software’s that help with recruitment data reporting.

No company has satisfied the basic requirement in the industry of matching the right candidates in an efficient and effective manner. At Jobd, we provide just that!

‘Jobd’ is set to transform the HR industry by providing a completely digital solution for recruitment. We have created a portal that ranks candidates based on their work history and relevance to job profiles. Additionally, we have modules like automated interview scheduler for a faster process and engagement to help connect and create a bond between employers and employees. 'Jobd' provides you with an end to end recruitment solution that takes care of all your needs.

At Jobd, we have broken up the process of recruitment into 8 steps:

Sourcing of database

We assist by inviting applications from 10+ social media platforms and you will be updated via the social media platform you prefer.

Consenting of candidates

We verify whether you are interested in the job posts so that you do not have to go for unwanted jobs.

Screening of candidates

We screen applications based on their relevance and job history so that the interviews you attend are relevant to what you want to do.

Co-ordination with candidates

Co-ordination with companies becomes a huge task for candidates. We plan to make that much simpler through our digital platform.

Interview scheduler

An automated system helps in scheduling rounds of interviews based on the preferences of the employer and candidates.

Limited time offers

A job offer for a candidate will be open only for a specific amount of time. This will help in increasing the pace of recruitment because in case the candidate does not accept the offer, the others will get a chance faster.


Get to know your employer through the engagement module before starting work at the company so that you know whether the work culture is suitable for you.

On-boarding of candidates

We help you with everything until you start working at your new job. A lot of additional features will be provided to job seekers in the next update of Jobd.