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8 Reasons To Use Jobd

Real Time Updates

Receive updates during your recruitment process in real-time to help keep a track of all applications.

Resume Builder

Companies want to see candidate resumes in specific formats. Candidates just need to input their information in our system once and we will create that resume for them.

Interview Scheduler

Take help from our virtual personal assistant that helps both job seekers and employers to schedule interviews without hassles.

Ratings & Reviews

Find the ideal match by finding out more about other employers or job seekers.

Jobd Connect

This helps your friends, relatives and well-wishers refer jobs. It can also help companies track internal referrals.

Application Center

Manage all applications through the process of recruitment with ease.

Data Security

Share your data with only who you want. Keep your data safe and save yourself from spam.

Go Green

Save the environment! Upload and share your profile and documents with one click online.

From Hi! to Hired,
Recruiting has never been this easy!

Be a part of the change, as we at Jobd work towards smoothening the process of recruitment by encouraging a seamless communication network between employers and job seekers. Now find your dream job or star job seeker just by enrolling yourselves with us. To know more about us, click here.

It was a great experience of landing a job using Jobd. Unlike other portals, it’s much more organised and methodical which makes it easier and more effective. I immediately got a response based on my preferences and it was accurate. Now, I am happily employed!

Graphic Designer

Thanks to Jobd, I got my first ever interview call and first real job. It was a fairly easy experience and the step-by-step assistance only made it easier for a beginner like me. The best thing was that I was updated at every step, which was a big relief.

Content Developer

Jobd is simply amazing. Finding a job was never this easy! The assistance in every step lessened my burden.

Product Developer

My career got a kick-start thanks to the brilliant opportunities that were available in Jobd. The results are so accurate that one does not need to spare a sweat. To top that, you get to engage with your workspace even before you join. The experience has been such a confidence booster for me.

Civil Engineer

Jobd really makes the recruitment process smoother. It has been so easy to get in touch with the right candidates, without wasting extra time.

HR recruiter

I absolutely endorse Jobd to my friends. There are so many diverse options for just about anybody.

Marketing Executive

What I love about Jobd is that how easy it is get the right person for the right job. No intervention, easy communication and absolutely guaranteed results.

HR Manager

What I love about Jobd is that I can directly recommend a job to my friends without using any external medium.