Jobd is an easy to use recruitment software. The all-inclusive and feature packed software is all that you need to get the right candidate for every position. Jobd will effectively cut down on the money and time that your company spends on recruitment. You can also chose to work with a pool of Professional Consultants rather than dealing with several recruitment vendors manually. Be it referral systems, vendor based recruitment, assessments or background verification services, find all services included in this easy-to-use software.

Our Purpose

Accelerate growth as employers and job seekers meet under a common roof for a shared agenda- to meet the best and be the best.

We at Jobd have thrived for a platform that brings together employers, consultancies and job seekers under one virtual umbrella. The aim is simple- to help employers get the right job seekers and for job seekers to land their dream jobs. Our personalised all in one recruiter filters hundreds of resumes to find relevant candidates in lesser time while expanding the job opportunities for potential job seekers.

We also have a network of consultants who can now directly share jobs with candidates on the platform without further ado. Through this space, we ensure awareness for the right people thus, further toning down the time for recruitment and on boarding.

As believers of quality over quantity, we at Jobd have deployed systematic and coming of age methodology that guarantees optimum result minus the hassles.

Join us in our venture to make HR easy as we transform the process of recruitment.

Why Us

In a fast evolving world, staying updated is the key to success. We have imbibed coming of age methods backed by the latest technological advancements to deliver the desired result. The promise is thus, to deliver fast output through a systematic and methodical approach.

Upon receiving applications, we start with screening and evaluating through an advanced ranking system that automatically grades candidates according to their merit. The shortlisted candidates are then motivated to take a psychometric test which also helps them to assess their skills. Upon taking the test, candidates are then connected to employers with the help of virtual assistants.

Employers and job seekers can both track their status throughout the entire recruitment process with the application tracking system.To make it easy, our step-by-step guide will take you through each and every step before you reach the end goal.


Database sourcing

We have employed coming of age methods to house the best database at your disposal. Be it consultants, social media, or other sources – all your database can be sourced to one place.

Securing candidates

Find relevant candidates for a suitable post. We ensure a speedy recruitment policy upon receiving applications.

Screening of candidates

Consenting candidates are screened based on proficiency and job experience to find the best suitable candidate.

Assessment Services

Be it freshers or experienced domain experts, you can find suitable tests for all. We can also customise specialised tests for your company!

Interview scheduler

With our digital assistance, it is easier to coordinate with companies and even schedule interviews. Out interview scheduler is an automated system that keeps track of the number of interview rounds and schedule interviews accordingly based on preferences of both employers and employees.

Feedback Management

Automated responses and feedback are available for all parties that are involved in real time.

Verification services

You can also do any sort of background verification for candidates that you want to recruit.

Limited time offers

Candidates can avail the latest job offers but for a specified amount of time. This speeds up the recruitment process and increases chances.


Know your new hires better through the engagement module before their joining. This way, you will always be prepared.

On-boarding of candidates

A smooth on-boarding of candidates is ensured with real time updates and seamless communication on both ends.

Resume Factory

Build a factory of candidates that have dealt with your company in the past with their complete history, notes and evaluation.

Application Tracking System

Track status for all applications online in real time rather than taking constant updates from multiple parties.

Our Work Culture:

The cool cats in the party, our mantra is simple- to enjoy what we do. Our close-knit group of 20 consists of the bubbly head and the nerd, the fire and the ice, the planner and the executioner, the dreamer and the strategist.