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There are large numbers of online portals, as well as job consultancy services available in the Indian market where innumerable application gets submitted every day. Though the purpose of the job portals is to satisfy the needs of the job seeker as well as the employer, sometimes the employers are unable to meet up the truly deserving job seekers and vice-versa. As surveyed, the real problem is that in any job portal the employers are only capable of knowing about the skills of the candidates in resume only which can be different when coming earthly. By the time the employer realizes that he had called upon the wrong candidate, he/she might have lost both the deserving candidate and the worth of time.

Welcome to the all-new JOBD online job portal, for all those truly deserving candidates who are looking for the right opportunity. Without making the laborious effort to find a needle in the haystack, the employers can find up the right candidate from this job portal. A survey shows that even after spending large amounts, it takes an average of twenty-three days for a company to fill up one position with the right deserving candidate. On understanding the reason for the mismatch of the recruitment industry, JOBD was created.

Though the recruitment industry works on the three basic segments- JOBD has managed to successfully combine all the three segments on their website with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It combines the database system, automated tracking system and the HR consultancy system into a single window frame.

Database companies focus on the collection of resumes and supplying or selling of the resumes to the companies. They don’t focus on sorting of the resumes or the matching of correct employee with the employer. The automated tracking system focuses on providing the data reporting for recruitment. In both the cases, the companies do not make any qualitative analysis of the data and thus has no answer to the question made regarding requirement. Another is the HR consultancy system that in exchange of good sum collects the resume and sends the candidates to the company. In all the three sections, there is no guarantee that the right candidate is going to the right employer or for the right vacant post. JOBD, with the help of artificial intelligence, has managed to collaborate all the three segments, thus helping the candidate to get to the right post and reach the right employer.

From choosing the resumes to getting everything in one place, JOBD helps in finding the most suitable job for any candidate. An automated interview scheduler helps the clients with the primary level questioning session. Being a new-age solution, JOBD is being all equipped with the interview scheduler and coordination process, thus helping both the employers and the job seekers.

There is hardly any job portal that provides you with the information regarding work culture of the place you are about to join. Searching manually or through web search is the only option present. JOBD has made that knowing easier for you through the portal.

JOBD guides you from the time you upload your resume until you start working.



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