What does this word trigger in your mind?



‘Jobs’ – What does this word trigger in your mind?

It’s undoubtedly the most debatable and talked about subject in today’s increasingly competitive era, where the number of jobs are going down and the demand for it is shooting up like rocket. What job shall I opt for? How should I apply for it? Which firm will hire and offer me with my desired profile? It’s like a flurry of questions in one go. Employees are going wayward and frustrated cause of such onerous issues. Innumerable job portals are coming up every day showing a ray of hope to the candidates applying for job. However, the gap is amplifying between what the candidates’ want and what the employers want, thereby making the journey of job search and search for the ideal employee way more difficult.

When one searches for a job portal, they see how it is flooding the online space. Randomly reaching out to one of it somehow doesn’t address their actual purpose. The job portals are generally segregated on the basis of how they work, that is, whether with the help of database, automation or in the form of HR consultant and some has the combination of either of the three. Still the major problem, that the candidates and employers face once they register themselves in the portals, is they get notifications for job that are complete misfits according to their qualification or they have to run through a sea of CVs, respectively. It results in a sheer loss of valuable time which could have been ideally used for productive and development purposes.

A stepping stone towards a new change, a new beginning has been initiated by JOBD.  After the gap analysis, this job portal is trying to bridge the gap between the job and employee seekers. Integrating all the three basic segments of recruitment industry under a single roof, it acts as an exemplary job portal totally unique in itself. Time is the most precious thing of all, and utilising it in the best way gifts one with great success. With the evolution of automation and the automated filtering relevant to one’s searching, automatic scheduling of interview, sorting out the CVs explicitly according to the job profile, getting a job is becoming more feasible and hassle-free.

JOBD is also introducing an engagement module where a candidate gets ample scope to get versed with their future employer and lets them understand whether he fits in the scope of things as expected or not. For a portal like this, qualitative analysis is given more importance than quantitative analysis. It recognizes the true potential of a candidate and is entrusted with the fact that the worthy employees are rewarded for their worth.

With the breakneck speed of technological development and advent of advanced processes and systems, the arduous task of searching for job or the eligible candidate is circumvented to a great extent. Now the term ‘JOB’ will not overload you with negative questions and worries. Rather, it is sure to have an affirmative effect on both the employers and employees and bolster their confidence. After all, the more time you save searching for a job or for an employee, the more time you get to use it efficiently.

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